Natural behavior is evoked within an experimental setup in close-to-real life circumstances. The details of product interaction can thus be investigated up-close and with the aid of technology.


EXPERIENCE+ is the product for you, if you want to get real insight into product interaction.

  • EXPERIENCE+ elicits naturally occurring behavior, but does so in a semi-controlled environment

  • The controlled environment enables the measurement of physiological and behavioral aspects of behavior via minimally evasive research technology

  • The naturalness of the behavior and the application of various implicit research methods maximize the understanding of the performance of a product from a user-related point of view



  • Experiment set-up
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Research facility
  • Recruitment
  • Cameras & MediaRecorder
  • Systematic observation (The Observer XT)
  • Qualitative depth interviews
  • Data analysis and reporting


Variable components

  • Eye tracking
  • Biometric modules
  • Facial coding
  • TrackLab



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