Immersion in a consumers’ natural environment may spark insights around a product category and how it is used. Unfortunately you do not have the figures to back this up. Systematic observation and a structural analysis of the usage behavior can support these findings statistically.


You can now access consumer insights with EXPERIENCE.

  • EXPERIENCE involves a combination of behavioral mapping as the objective method of observing behavior and qualitative interviewing to maximize the evaluation of product performance

  • Unobtrusive observation via video recordings are viewed and discussed with users to create a classification for structural analysis of product related activities (behavioral mapping)



  • Experiment set-up
  • Systematic observation (The Observer XT industry standard software package)
  • Data analysis (using The Observer XT and SPSS)
  • Qualitative interviewing


Potential components

  • Recruitment
  • Group room hire
  • Logistics of camera installation
  • Rental of cameras



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