Observing the behavior of your test participants, preferably in a naturalistic environment, can give you a wealth of data. You can, for instance, observe people in a supermarket or at home to see how they walk through the shop or how they use your product in their kitchen. To get all the details, it is good to film your participants and code the videos afterwards.

With CODE you can now outsource a customized amount of coding work in time/hours/data to experienced, professional coders.

  • CODE
  • Coding package - offering an xx-number of video coding hours

  • Advice package - offering an xx-number of (technical) advice hours when setting up a project/the equipment

  • Analysis package - offering an xx-number of analysis hours


Videos are an essential source of information in evaluative studies. After recording the videos, behavior mapping can begin. We’re ready to help you get to the results quickly.

Trust us to provide you with accurately scored behaviors from your videos, performed by our fully trained professional coders. We make the outsourcing of video coding possible in an efficient, cost-effective and reliable way.

Noldus Consulting has provided accurate and precise reports to several international CPG and FMCG companies which allowed them to make the best decisions about future product development. We have also worked on several coding projects with a few large international advertising agencies.

Are the new advertisements engaging? Which scene triggered a laugh? Do men laugh more often? As agencies often have several projects going on at once Noldus Consulting handled the project management and delivered the results before deadline. The agency received an in-depth report of the analyzed videos which helped to determine the next step in the advertising campaign.


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