Nadège Krebs, Ph.D.

Nadège is a behavioral scientist; her first scientific research was conducted  in pig behavior and welfare, which she studied extensively while gaining her Ph.D. Rather than conduct research herself, Nadege desired to help translate the needs of scientists into research solutions, joining Noldus as a sales account manager in 2009. During her time with Noldus, she has trained and advised hundreds of people on the customized use of Noldus products.  She is now involved in global account management and sales,—administers multiple trainings, and connects ideas and people. 

“I often get the comment: ‘Well, from pigs to people, that’s a stretch! It may come as a bit of a surprise to some that, at least in my book, it is not. Starting out with pigs – smart and tricky animals – required me to think of all aspects of the experimental design, things they could circumvent, and of everything that could go wrong. Now, every time I help someone design a study, I try to employ that creativity and think outside of the box. Tweaking existing solutions, finding new ones, and tailoring the solution to the customer is what I love to do.”

Nadège’s role and strength is to work with you to create the appropriate custom design to answer research questions, both on the theoretical side and on the practical side. She stays involved to make sure that you receive the right help on project management. As her customers—including those from the food industry and cosmetics industry—will attest, she works to ensure that your project is impressive and its results stand out from the crowd.

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