Meet us at the Quirks Marketing Event in Brooklyn, New York – we're in booth 403 - to discuss the Noldus method for Market Research. Noldus creates solutions that help market researchers uncover respondents’ unique behavioral patterns in as naturalistic a way as possible. We combine the expertise of our team with the power of unobtrusive observation to provide our clients with meaningful, actionable insights.

At our booth, find out about our latest case study on insights into every day oral care (how much do we NOT brush our teeth?!) and collect fun dental goodies! Listen to our session to learn more!

Knowing the Unknown: How Behavioral Observation Can Answer What Surveys Cannot

Join this session Tuesday, March 21 from 10:45-11:15 in Room 5 where Jason Rogers, PhD will be the speaker. Takeaways:

  • Declared data relies upon System 2 processes and does not reveal what actually happens.
  • Behavioral observation is readily available and robust.
  • Unobtrusive observation allows market researchers to gain deeper insights into how products are used in the natural environment.

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About the team

Our consultants have advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences, which provides a unique ability to uncover behavioral patterns and turn them into actionable results. Based upon client need, and desired end goal, the team will recommend the ideal way to capture real behaviors in real contexts. Our solutions are tailored to each individual project, and can include direct observation, data integration, ethnographic research, emotionality, data analysis and insights, and much more. Want to see more? Check out the full Noldus Consulting team here.