19 and 20 February 2018, we're joining the IleX meeting in Amsterdam as one of the research suppliers. We'll introduce you to new ideas and innovations. Providing you the results you need for your product development and design.

Come join us in Amsterdam this February to be a part of the future of insights - learn more about the insights behavioral mapping will deliver you. Or check out our emotion research tool: FaceReader™. IIeX is the best place to connect if you're looking for better data in MR.

Insights into consumer behavior

Immersion in a consumers’ natural environment may spark insights around a product category and how it is used. Unfortunately you do not have the figures to back this up. Systematic observation and a structural analysis of the usage behavior can support these findings statistically.

Emotion analysis

Sometimes you need more convincing than peoples’ declarative responses are giving you. Peoples’ faces may just reveal more than they intended to, as spontaneous responses are bound to express in the face unbiased.

Please don't hesistate to contact us if you have any questions prior to the conference.
We look forward to meeting you there!