Sensory & consumer behavior; implicit and explicit research methods and techniques

The Workshop: sensory & consumer behavior includes basic topics related to sensory science, consumer research and behavioral/ emotion research combined with various exercises/case studies covering practical, real-world scenarios.

The aim of this workshop is to familiarize participants with various, carefully selected, methods, techniques and tools used during the complete journey of new product development and product understanding. We name examples such as product labs, triangle tests, but also observational research and facial expression analysis. Each one of these methods can be helpful in its ‘own right in developing an adequate product business case. During the workshop these methods and much more will be introduced and explained. Furthermore, advices will be given where they could be potentially applied and what benefits they can bring during the product innovation process (product and packaging) covering from ideation phase through market implementation till product withdrawal phase.


The theoretical part

  • Basics of sensory analysis, sensory, consumer and behavioral research definitions and terminology
  • Proper use of various, carefully selected methods, techniques and tools used in sensory, consumer and behavioral research in the product innovation process, their application and benefits

The practical part

  • Actively participate in business case studies in order to apply knowledge gained during theoretical part
  • Test tools offered by Noldus such as an eye tracker or FaceReader software

The Product Research Plan

  • The combination of sensory analysis methods combined with consumer research and behavioral research

Who should attend

This course is for all involved in product’s innovation process and research, particularly for R&D managers, food technologists, product managers/specialists, category managers/specialists, business unit managers, quality assurance departments, on-site laboratories who would like gain, refresh or broaden their knowledge about various product research tools.

Training location and date

30 - 31 March, 2017
Warszawa, Poland
2200 PLN + VAT


About the instructors

Xandra van den Linden
Sr. Behavioral Research Consultant
Noldus Information Technology

Although Xandra didn’t envision a life as a scientist and moved away from academic life, she did not move away from the human psyche! From a degree in Psychology, specializing in Neuropsychology, she moved to dabbling in HR for a short period of time, and then revisited the study of human behavior.
Specifically, she found her niche studying consumer behavior. Xandra worked on international projects as a qualitative researcher at an international market research company. This experience allowed her to convey consumers’ stories to clients from a variety of consumer industries.
After spending time in Australia, a place she adores, Xandra returned to the Netherlands. She currently lives in Amsterdam with her husband and two sons. Her sons keep her busy these days, so Xandra often has to put her other interests (motorbike and horse riding, salsa dancing, cooking, and gardening) on  hold for the time being.
Through Noldus, Xandra was able to return to her neuropsychology roots. Making use of Noldus technology, she aims to explore both ‘System 1’ and ‘System 2’ of the human motivational systems to explain consumer behavior to her clients as thoroughly as she can.
Agata Markiewicz
Consultant & owner
Consumer Insight Consulting 
Agata is highly analytical and creative consumer insights and sensory specialist proficient in products’ research and research in consumers’ needs, skilled in quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Enhanced know-how about sensory and consumer sciences she gained from working in the FMCG sector for many years and on individual trainings organized in research units in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, England, France).
Her extensive professional experience is related to work in the food industry for well-known international companies in the FMCG sector in the departments: Research and Development (R&D) and Marketing, for such companies as Unilever and Heinz. She worked on a wide range of products in the food industry: from fresh to frozen products such as soups, sauces, ketchups, ready meals, juices, tomato products, chilled products, salads, vegetables, powder products, desserts, ice-creams, teas.
Currently Agata lives in Poznań in Poland but is quite a regular visitor in the Netherlands where it feels like her second home. In her free time she loves biking, hiking, travelling, and making photos of spectacular buildings and landscapes.

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