Xandra van der Linden

Although Xandra didn’t strive for a life as a scientist and moved away from academic life, she did not move away from the human psyche! From a degree in Psychology, specializing in Neuropsychology, she moved to dabbling in HR for a short period of time, and then revisited the study of human behavior. Specifically, she found her niche studying consumer behavior.

Xandra worked on international projects as a qualitative researcher at an international market research company. This experience allowed her to convey consumers’ stories to clients from a variety of consumer industries.

After spending time in Australia, a place she adores, Xandra returned to the Netherlands. She currently lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and their two sons. Her sons keep her busy these days, so Xandra often has to put her other interests (motorbike and horse riding, salsa dancing, cooking, and gardening) on hold for the time being.

Through Noldus, Xandra was able to return to her neuropsychology roots. Making use of Noldus technology, she aims to explore both “System 1” and “System 2” of the human motivational systems to explain consumer behavior to her clients as thoroughly as she can.

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