Measuring pilot situational awareness and fatigue

Measuring pilot situational awareness and fatigue

Noldus consultants assisted throughout ideation and design of the Embedded Measures Lab, wherein Boeing could capture and synchronize multimodal data with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. The Embedded Measures Lab allows researchers to assess pilot attention and mental state through highly customized solutions utilizing Noldus software and hardware tools. Noldus has continued to consult during the implementation and analysis phases, assisting Boeing researchers in pulling out the meaning behind the large data streams captured in the Embedded Measures Lab.

Boeing has multiple simulators and research projects, and the Embedded Measures Lab needed to seamlessly combine all of them. Therefore, the solution had to be mobile and flexible. The lab can be moved and set up in different locations, and a variety of recording devices can be used. This way the researchers can adapt to whichever simulator they are working at, and optimize the system for their experiment.

  • Assess pilot attention and mental state
  • Collect rich data from different sources
  • Train pilots and test prototypes

Noldus’ consultants made sure that the lab was installed correctly, and worked according to specifications. This happened on-site. All devices are integrated and tested totally fitting user demands and wishes. Working in a structured way had many advantages: It ensured that the system met Boeing’s requirements and that it was properly tested and implemented.


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